In 1978, an area of bushland in South Turramurra was threatened with destruction by plans to build a netball complex. Residents were galvanised into action to try to save this natural area and so STEP was formed. That particular fight was lost, but from this small beginning STEP has grown to become a vital force in conservation in northern Sydney. Click here for more information on our history, aims and achievements.

STEP questions the conventional wisdom. Urban environmentalism is much more than fighting against loss of natural areas. It is essential to look many decades ahead and to educate and inspire the community to appreciate what we have if the battle against the unthinking and destroyers is to be won. Natural areas may be maintained by regeneration and maintenance but they can only be saved if they are not lost, piece by piece, to our ever increasing need for housing, schools, roads, playing fields, hospitals and all the other developments our governments are imposing upon us.

By joining STEP you will demonstrate that you are concerned about retaining the local environment for the future. We draw our members from far and wide but we are primarily concerned with Ku-ring-gai, Hornsby and surrounding suburbs. Each year we organise walks and talks, produce newsletters, make submissions and support environmental education. We've published position papers, books and maps of walking tracks.


Come along to one of our walks or talks:

  • 18 February, talk Wahroonga Waterways Landcare
  • 25 February, walk Wahroonga Estate
  • 6 March, Clean Up Australia Day
  • 13 March, walk Agnes Banks Nature Reserve
  • 24 April, walk Thornleigh

STEP Matters – Email Option now Available

Postage costs went up again on 1 January (newsletter postage is now $1). The cost for printing and posting just one issue or our newsletter will rise from about $500 to $600 (or from $2500 to $3000 for the five issues we post to you each year). As you see, postage costs are a significant expense and so the time has come to bite the bullet and start emailing our newsletter and membership renewal notices.

We will send you an email with a PDF of the newsletter as well as links to the articles so you will have the option of reading selected articles online. Another advantage of the electronic options is that you will be able to view the photographs in colour.

We know many of you prefer a hard copy so, at least for the time being, we will still provide that option.

If you would like to receive your newsletter by email, please email secretary@step.org.au.

Price of our Maps and Books

Complete this order form:

Maps of walking tracks:

  • Lane Cove Valley $5
  • Middle Harbour North $20
  • Middle Harbour South $20


  • Understanding the Weather $20
  • Field Guide to the Bushland of the Lane Cove Valley $25
  • Sydney's Natural World $25

STEP Matters

Issue 184 (February 2016)

Recent Summisions

Hornsby Park, Old Mans Valley and Hornsby Quarry Draft Plan of Management (October 2015)
Hornsby Quarry – Spoil Management Project (September 2015)
Canoon Road Recreation Area Draft Plan of Management (August 2015)
Berowra Valley National Park and Berowra Valley Regional Park Draft Plan of Management (June 2015)
St Ives Showground and Precinct Lands Plan of Management (February 2015)
Russell Vale Colliery Underground Expansion Project Review (January 2015)

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