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Talk: Are there any Useful Paleoclimatology Analogies to Today’s Climate Phenomena?

Paleoclimatology is the study of past climate conditions including their causes and effects using evidence found in glacial deposits, fossils and sediments. Michael Scollay’s talk takes a tour of earth’s climate past to see if there are any useful analogies to what is happening to earth’s climate today. He will discuss aspects such as:

  • the lag of CO2 rise when compared to temperature shown in 800+ kiloyears BP worth of ice-cores
  • rapid climate change events such as the 12.9 to 11.7 kiloyears BP Younger Dryas and the Palaeocene–Eocene thermal maximum
    55.5 million years BP

Are there any useful paleoclimatology analogies to today’s climate phenomena is given one final, possibly contentious, answer.

Whether we humans, as the dominant and greatest impacting species on this planet, can learn from past climate responses to plan and execute a practical response to today’s situation is another vexing question to answer in the near future.

Note: BP = before the present

Event Properties

Event Date 21-03-2017 8:00 pm
Event End Date 21-03-2017 10:00 pm
St Andrews, cnr Vernon St and Chisholm St, Turramurra
St Andrews Uniting Church, Chisholm St, South Turramurra NSW 2074, Australia
St Andrews, cnr Vernon St and Chisholm St, Turramurra

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