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Saturday, 02 October 2021 04:33

Springtime orchid discoveries

We have all been out and about this spring and have made some new discoveries of orchids, some quite rare and usual.

The photos above (Calochilus paludosis and Caladenia catenata) were taken by Fran Rein


Ant orchid, Chiloglottis formicifera, a tiny orchid in West Pymble

Broad Lip Bird Orchid

Broad-lip Bird Orchid, Chiloglottis trapeziformis, rare in the Lane Cove Valley (photo – Sandra Shergill)

Bootlace Orchid

The spectacular Bootlace orchid, Erythrorchis cassythoides in Sheldon Forest. This is one of only two species in the world. It climbs trees by means of short stiff hooked roots. Pollination is by native bees attracted to the flowers’ perfume. This one has climbed about 5 m.

Green Caps Orchid

Green caps, Caladenia transitoria, a tiny orchid with flowers about 2 cm wide. It has a short flowering period, hence its name. A rare find in West Pymble (photo: Michael Gillings)


Red bearded orchid, Calochilus paludosis, on the Murrua track

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